Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Answer is No

Alright, homies and homielitas.  We have indeed received word from on high: an unequivocal and certain message.  A decision had to be made in order to move Cult of the Week forward, and the floundering of Aaron and Nathaniel has been supplanted by a final decision. 

We can tell, though, that a lot of thought and care was put into this decision.  We are sorry for those of you eager for more Gravity, but I think we can all agree that leaving our first Cult behind, while difficult, is probably for the best.

So - moving on.  Nate and I have been unable to put a lot of thought into our next cult.  We've been so focused on Gravity, as well as some additional projects that are in the works, that we haven't had a lot of time to consider the future.

But, that's okay.  Cult progression should not be a part of some sort of secret agenda that we have as we seek to manipulate and milk our followers.  No, they should be an organic outgrowth of our natural advancement and should mirror our identity as a progressive, important religious presence in our world.  When we first received the note concerning the immediate change in cults, we were worried.  But the gods of all provided and promptly inspired us as we sat down to some Chinese cuisine.

"When one door closes, another opens," read the message from the gods that inhabited Nathaniel's fortune cookie.

Without a doubt, we were to consume copious amounts of Asian food and get our hands on as many fortune cookies as we possibly could.  Their messages would lead us forward.  Forget the astrological augurs, as if the stars positions and movements could be interpreted with any sort of reliability by wanna-be psychic hacks.

Therefore, loyal followers of Cult of the Week - Rise from your prone Gravity-worshiping positions, discard your bootleg copies of "Gravity," take up your hunger and go for Chinese.  With great reverence, remove your fortunes.  Read and follow their directions - post them upon your door, frame them for display within your home, read and reread them.  Post them here, tweet them or share on Facebook.  Go and proselytize the Cult of Fortune Cookies.

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